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5154 aluminum alloy wire

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5154 aluminum alloy wire

What is the data of aluminum alloy wire 5154 for cable?
1. Conductivity: above 36% 
2. Aluminum grade: 5154
3. Tensile strength: 230-450MPA 
4. Elongation:7–15%
5. Diameter: 0.12-6mm large size is possible if you request

 Chemical Composition (%)

  Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Al
ER514 0.25 0.40 0.10 0.10 3.1-3.9 0.15-0.35 Balance

Application Field

Al-Mg Alloy Wire can be used for braiding and shielding in flexible coaxial cable, a variety of audio and video cable, vehicle signal cable, network cable, data transmission cables and so on.

Product features: bright color, good electrical conductivity, wire flexible bending resistance, good tensile strength, elongation, has a super light density can greatly save resources, etc.

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