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anodize aluminium sheet

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Anodizing is the successful development and control of a natural oxidation
process that occurs when aluminum is exposed to the atmosphere.
Electricity and chemicals are used jointly to produce a hard, transparent surface that is integral with the base aluminum.
anodized aluminum sheet is corrosion and abrasion resistant. In addition, anodized aluminum sheet  does not fade, chip, peel or flake. It is also fingerprint-resistant. anodized aluminum sheet  is strong and durable-sometimes even more so than metals such as stainless and copper. anodized aluminum sheet  is beautiful and decorative. We carry a variety of colors and finishes. Colors include clear, bronze, gold, and copper anodized. Finishes include satin, bright, and brushed.
Everything about Hongbao’s  anodized aluminum sheet  is “green” from the base material to the anodizing process to the finished product. It is 100% recyclable, will not out-gas and does not produce toxic fumes. anodized aluminum sheet  is cost-effective. It is long-lasting and often more affordable than other metals or materials. Hongbao’s  anodized aluminum sheet  is an excellent choice for signage projects. It has excellent bonding characteristics, providing an ideal base for adhesion of paints, inks, substrates, and vinyl film.
1.Channel Letters
2.Signs, POP Displays & Exhibits
3.Nameplates & ID Tags
4.Store Fronts
5.Commercial Architectural Wall Panels, Roofing, Ceiling Systems & Hardware
Decorative (Column Covers, Kickplates, etc.)
6.Transportation (Automotive and Truck Trailer)
7.Commercial Lighting
Package detail:
20′C: LENGTH: 5.898 X WIDTH 2.352 X HEIGHT 2.38, ABOUT 20-23MTS 
40HG LENGTH 12032 X WIDTH 2.352 X HEIGHT 2.69 ABOUT 27MTS 

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