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Aluminum circle for cookware

aluminum circle for cookware

























Aluminum circle also named aluminum disk,aluminum disc , it is widely used in making aluminum cookware, as aluminum sauce pan, pizza pan ,utensils application .It is normal with thickness from 0.3mm–10mm,diameter from 100mm-800mm

aluminum circle Product Process

Ingot/Master Alloys — Melting Furnace – Holding Furnace — D.C. Caster — Slab —- Scalper — Hot Rolling Mill – Cold Rolling Mill – Punching – Annealing Furnace — Final Inspection – Packing — Delivery

Honbao Aluminum is  aluminum circle  manufacturer and supplier with 19 years experience. So factory price is available Besides, we use the finest raw material to improve the product quality, guaranteeing the quality of our aluminum circle  lives to national standards.

 When it comes to the process of producing, aluminum circle  is usually directly cutting from aluminum coil or the aluminum plate, usually, if the thickness of aluminum circle is less than 3.0 mm, the form of piercing blank feeding directly will be applied. If the thickness of aluminum circle is between 3.0 mm and 100 mm, according to the precision demands, aluminum circle board face demands, the bar cutting, laser cutting, CNC water cutting, cutting will be used for blank feeding production. When the thickness of aluminum circle is higher than 100 mm, the manufacturer usually adopts aluminum rod sawing for production directly, special circumstances will adopt CNC water cutting and cutting precision processing mode.
Wide range of selection on circles’ size.
Excellent Surface Quality for lighting reflectors.
Excellent deep drawing and spinning quality.
We provide heavy gauge circles with thicknesses up to 6mm,diameter up to 1600mm.
If you intested in our goods,please let me know, we would like to sent you the free sample to check our quality!
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