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اسان جي دنيا ۾ 1999 ع کان وٺي وڌندڙ مدد

ٽريفڪ جي لائيٽ المونيم جو دائرو

جي مختصر تشريح:

پيداوار وڌيڪ تفصيل

پيداوار ٽيگ

ٿولهه: 0.5mm-6.0mm
نيم: 50mm-1600mm
طبيعت: اي، H12، H14، H18 ۽ H24 ...
مصر: 1050،1060،1100،1200،3003،3005،3105،5052،5083،5754،6061، وغيره.
قسم: مثلثات، squares، rectangles، گول
Hongbao المونيم ٽريفڪ سائين المونيم جو دائرو مصنوعات جي ور ٺاهيندڙن مان هڪ آهي، اعلي معيار المونيم جو دائرو شين ٽريفڪ سائين صنعتن ۾ استعمال ڪرڻ لاء پيدا ڪري.
Traffic signs or road signs are traffic signs erected at the side of roads to provide information to road users. With traffic volumes increasing over the last eight decades, many countries have adopted pictorial signs or otherwise simplified and standardized their signs to facilitate international travel where language differences would create barriers, and in general to help enhance traffic safety.
Hongbao aluminium circle have the light , anti corrosive ,oxidation resistance and other advantages are widely used in the traffic sign,
such as:Regulatory traffic signs,Warning traffic signs,Guide signs,Route markersigns, Informational signs, Informational signs, Informational signs,
Temporary traffic control,Schoolsigns, Railroad and light rail signs,Bicycle signs

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